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Beyond Landfilling provides the unvarnished truth about landfills’ problems and what you can do


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LATEST ON THE BRIDGETON LANDFILL FIRE DISASTER IN NORTH ST. LOUIS. An uncontrollable underground fire continues to rage in Republic’s Bridgeton Landfill adjoining an illegal radioactive waste dump left over from the WWII Manhattan Project. The Center has sent a 73 page report to Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster documenting the extensive evidence that dangerous radioactivity has continued to be emitted into the atmosphere from the site for the past year, attempts to control the crisis are no longer feasible, and affected downwind residents should be offered permanent relocation assistance. A copy of the full report can be found here.

  • Risks of landfill failures are a threat to everyone. The injuries they can cause will be felt from the global to the local level —
  • Landfills bear a major responsibility for global warming, and more so in the next 10 years.
  • Without adequate financial assurance coverage, landfills’ long-term liabilities could require huge taxpayer bailouts in the future.
  • Leaking landfills are a threat to our drinking water, and rivers, lakes and streams, and much more.
  • Landfill gases and landfill fires are significant sources of toxic air pollutants impacting neighbors’ health
  • Regulation of landfills is woefully inadequate making organized citizen action essential.
  • “What is a landfill” and have liners solved their well known problems? Read more.
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